Katie Scaff

Teacher / Student

Katie is a lifelong learner whose passion shines through in all that she does. She started practicing yoga for the physical benefits and quickly realized there was so much more awaiting her on her mat.

After moving back to Seattle, Modo was a place she immediately felt grounded. Her teachers created a sacred space for her to explore her breath, body, and mind, and inspired her to pursue deeper connection. She quickly became part of the team with the Energy Exchange Program and participated in her Modo Teacher Training in September 2017.

As someone always looking to grow and improve, yoga continues to teach and inspire her to slow down and appreciate the present. Like her fellow teachers, Katie strives to create a space where all feel welcome, recognized, and free. She loves to support her students by helping them find strength and balance in a practice that is uplifting, challenging, and fun.

For her, the practice is never-ending journey to make the world a happier, more peaceful place. She believes there’s always something to learn, we just need to allow ourselves the time and space to listen. Through practice, yoga helps us better understand ourselves, and with that understanding comes more love and compassion for ourselves and then each other.