Supporting Our Forests

March and April bring a special time for the wider Modo community – a time called Grow Your Yoga. As a community we adopt an environmental focus to raise awareness and funds across over 70 studios worldwide for a selected cause. This year our theme is “Sweat to Protect the Earth’s Forests”.

This year we are proud to once again be raising in support of Junglekeepers. Founded in 2015, Junglekeepers has grown and evolved alongside Modo. In fact it was co-founded by a Modo studio owner (NYC + Montreal) and renowned member of the teaching faculty, Dina Tsouluhas. Simply and affectionately “Dina T.” to those of us lucky enough to have studied with her during Modo teacher training.

Junglekeepers is a project supported by Multiplier, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which bolsters initiatives that protect and foster a healthy, sustainable, resilient, and equitable world. And they have done much in their first handful of years as an organization working for change. Junglekeepers, in collaboration with local partners including Peruvian conservationists and ARC Amazon, has helped maintain 4,906 acres along Las Piedras River which they continue to protect from resource extraction and destruction.

It’s central to Junglekeepers mission that conservation efforts grow out of the local community. They believe in the importance of employing and training local and indigenous community members in the active protection of the land that is truly theirs. Junglekeeper Forest Rangers monitor their acreage to report any illegal activity, maintain trails, and also track wildlife to contribute to broader scientific datasets for the region. For local Peruvians, the Ranger Program also offers employment in land protection as an alternative to engaging in harmful deforestation due to economic pressures.

Empowering people in the stewardship of their homeland is a beautiful thing. During Grow Your Yoga, perhaps you could find ways to care for your neighborhood and empower those around you to engage in stewardship right here at home.

Help support the efforts of Junglekeepers throughout March and April with your $5 cash donation for karma yoga every Friday night at 7:30pm. Keep an eye out for special workshops and events throughout Grow Your Yoga – proceeds from these offerings directly benefit Junglekeepers!