Featured Humans of MYS: April 2019

We’d like to introduce you to this month’s Featured Humans, and newly weds, John Connolly and Hector Valdivia! These charming young men have been practicing here at Modo since 2017 and 2018 respectively, and brighten our days with their effervescent smiles every time they arrive. Whether practicing together or solo, these gentlemen embody a dedication to self-care and being truly in the moment. We’re inspired by the way they show up with open hearts and minds – ready for whatever may arise. Check out their answers to a few questions below and we’re sure you will see why we’re so stoked to share a bit of their story with you!


So John and Hector, what first brought you here to Modo Yoga Seattle?

John: Exercise. Back pain relief. Chill-outedness

Hector: The sense of community that was palpable with each visit is what brought me here and has kept me at MYS.


How has your practice influenced/changed your life? 

John: It sounds cliche, but it really has fostered a sense of calm and peace. An ability to just be in the moment and shut out outside disturbances.

Hector: My practice has influenced my life in many ways, including a more healthful routine during the week. It has also given my partner and I time to practice together at least one day a week. It’s a simple pleasure, but an invaluable one.


Could you share some words of wisdom that you have gained from your practice?

John: That there is no end goal, really. It’s about the process and how you get there as much as where you go.

Hector: Be present. Email can wait.


Can you share an achievement from your life that you feel yoga helped make possible?

John: The last few years have been very challenging and rewarding. Most recently my husband and I purchased a house and then got married. Setting and working towards goals has always been an issue for me. Even something as simple as thinking, “I’m going to go to yoga x number of times this week,” and setting a positive routine really helps with my focus.

Hector: The most recent achievement that yoga helped me make possible was in passing boards, as an ARNP-CNS. I had the option of adding a few more hours to my study plan on the day of the exam, but I knew that attending yoga before would give me the mental space to also be successful. I am grateful to know that whatever life brings, I will be in a better place when I take time to practice.


What is your favorite book or documentary that you think everyone should read?

John: Recency bias perhaps, but I just watched a documentary called The King. It’s about Elvis and how his life could be a metaphor for the U.S. throughout history. It’s fascinating and visually and musically very compelling. Currently we’re in the Fat Elvis stage. But hopefully we don’t end up dead on the toilet 🙂

Hector: The Garden of Eden by E. Hemingway.