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Kendra Nicole

Kendra grew up on the east coast of Canada in Halifax.  In her 1st year of university, Moksha Yoga Halifax opened downtown. Being an athlete most of her life she thought hot yoga would be a good way to keep her body moving in the off-season. The physical challenge was great, but the presence of her teachers in her life became greater. There she was taught how to meet herself, her breath, and her body with compassionate discipline and kindness. Taking this gift of awareness, she let it develop over 6 years of practice and in 2014 she attended the Moksha/Modo Level 1 training in Los Angeles. The west coast brought a sparkle back to her eye, and just over a year later she moved to Vancouver, BC.  Attending Moksha/Modo Flow training in 2016, she is happy to now have various way to share breath and awareness with you at Modo Yoga Seattle.

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The best way for me to introduce myself to you today is through this poem by Janne Robinson:

If I hadn’t of found these words I like to think I would have written them one day, too.

I practice attachment.

I practice living with my heart wide open and feeling the surplus of joy and sadness that it comes with each day, rawly.

I fall in love with someone’s heart at least once a day.

I take the whole word inside and feel as much as I possibly can and some days it’s rewarding and I feel an abundance of love and somedays it wrenches and I wish I felt less.

There is no off switch.

There is no “feel less” switch.

I choose attachment.

I choose feeling.

I choose open heart.

I won’t have it any other way.