katie asare

Katie Asare

An educator at heart, Katie is a high school teacher at an alternative program for credit-deficient students who are not scheduled to graduate on time in the south King County area. Despite dabbling in yoga throughout the years, Katie didn’t really learn what yoga was “off the mat” until she found Modo Yoga Seattle in July of 2015. She learned that yoga was postures and breath but also so much more. For Katie, yoga is a continual practice of being at ease in this very moment, every single moment of every single day. Letting the past and the future fall away to experience the wonder of the now. Exactly one year later in July of 2016, she attended the Modo Yoga Teacher Training in Kelowna, BC. She is so excited to take her love for teaching into something she is so incredibly passionate about: yoga.

If there one thing with which I hope you leave my class it is the deep acknowledgement inspired by Pema Chodron that “you are the sky. Everything else – – it’s just the weather.”