30-Day Challenge

30 day challenge modo yoga seattle

What is a 30-day challenge?

What is Grow Your Yoga & the 30 Day Challenge: Throughout March and April we will be teaming up with the greater Modo/Moksha community (74 studios!) to support environmental charities during an international campaign we call Grow Your Yoga, where you are challenged to expand your practice on and off the mat. Proceeds from the 30 Day Challenge, karma classes, and special GYY classes all go to benefit our chosen charity – 350.org

Why participate in a 30-day challenge?

Participants in the 30-Day Challenge receive the support and motivation of community. As a group, participants are driven by their common goal.

Yoga has many benefits – physiological, mental, and emotional. Committing to a daily practice, allows benefits to unfold at a more rapid rate.

What are the benefits of a 30-day challenge?

Yoga involves stretching, strengthening, and elongating the spine for proper alignment of the vertebrae. Breathing techniques and relaxation lower blood pressure and increase cardio-vascular health. In addition, they increase lung capacity, release tension and stress, and teach us to relax and enjoy life.

Other benefits of yoga are:

• Increase in strength and resiliency
• Increase in endurance
• Increase in energy level
• Improved sleep
• Strengthened immunity
• Improved balance
• Increase in awareness
• Improved mood and well-being
• Increase in self-acceptance and self-actualization
• Improved concentration

Is it healthy to practice hot yoga daily?

Traditionally, yoga was meant to be a daily practice. When beginning a daily practice, there are some key things to remember:

  • Listen to your body, and respect its signals. If you increase body awareness, and your ability to listen to that awareness, the 30 days will be a great success!
  • Pace yourself.
  • Ask teachers about adjustments for specific needs (injuries, using props, etc).
  • Take savasana before and after class for at least 5 minutes.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • For some Hydration Myths Debunked, click link!

How should I prepare for the challenge?

It is best to set an intention for your challenge. Why are you doing it? What do you hope will come out of the challenge?

Identify the Modo Yoga classes that fit into your schedule. Pre-plan your strategy by identifying Identify any possible scheduling obstacles, and pre-plan your strategy for overcoming them.

Tell your close friends and family about your challenge. Get them on board for support and motivation while you complete your 30-Day Challenge!

Suggestions for success on the 30-day challenge.

Prioritize your life. If a 30-day yoga challenge is something you want to commit to, then make it a priority. Use these 30 days to simplify and streamline your life. Examine your current daily routine and activities and determine what really needs to stay and what needs to go. That could mean less TV or less cutting back on social web surfing so you have time to dedicate to your practice. Most people have plenty of time, they just don’t use it well. Depending on how high the yoga challenge ranks in your priorities, you may also decide to temporarily give up other worthwhile activities to create the necessary time. Chances are if you cut something out of your life, you won’t even notice it’s gone in a month.

Did you know last year Modo(Moksha) Yoga International raised $152,313 for the Grow Your Yoga 2016 campaign!

VIP Members: $30 includes all special challenge classes. Proceeds support Grow Your Yoga

Non Members: $130 includes all special challenge classes and a month of unlimited yoga.

Special classes: DJ Glow Flow (4/1), Inversion Power Flow (4/9), Yin + Sound Bath (4/19), DJ Celebration Flow (4/30)

charity 350.org.