kylie sutton

Kylie Sutton

Kylie is a mama, wife, seeker of possibilities and sun chaser. When she is not at the studio sweating it out practicing or teaching you can often find Kylie riding her bike with her husband and co owner of MYS; Brandon and their daughter; Malaya seeking out all of the sweet gems the city has… More details

Brandon Sutton Modo Yoga seattle intructor

Brandon Sutton

Brandon is a man of authenticity and integrity. He is just one of those people that inspires you to show up in your most genuine light just by being in his presence. As a leader in our community Brandon holds space for personal evolution on the mat and off teaching from a place of humble… More details

Jen Rand

Jen Rand

Jen is a Midwestern transplant, was born and raised in WI, educated in Minnesota. It was in Minneapolis, MN that she first discovered Moksha/Modo in 2012 after working in the theater and performing arts for years. Jen participated in her Level One Modo/Moksha teacher training July 2015 in Kelowna, immediately prior to relocating to Seattle… More details

kendra benedict

Kendra Nicole

Kendra grew up on the east coast of Canada in Halifax.  In her 1st year of university, Moksha Yoga Halifax opened downtown. Being an athlete most of her life she thought hot yoga would be a good way to keep her body moving in the off-season. The physical challenge was great, but the presence of… More details


Karleen Ilagan

Karleen comes from a place of gratitude, Seattle from Spokane by way of UW entered into Moksha Seattle, a home away from home within a space and feeling of home for creative thought in art, fashion, lifestyle, 2004. In November 2013 she became co-owner/creator of Moksha Seattle, with partner in art and crime, Robin Guilfoil…. More details

katie asare

Katie Asare

An educator at heart, Katie is a high school teacher at an alternative program for credit-deficient students who are not scheduled to graduate on time in the south King County area. Despite dabbling in yoga throughout the years, Katie didn’t really learn what yoga was “off the mat” until she found Modo Yoga Seattle in… More details


Anna Drotts

Anna was born in Cali, Colombia and adopted at three months old. Her adoptive family welcomed her to her new home in Mount Vernon, just an hour north of Seattle. After high school she moved to Seattle, unsure of what her future would hold. With a big heart and a love for human connection Anna… More details

jenna crouch

Jenna Crouch

Originally from Seattle, Jenna lived in New York City for six years, where she discovered Jivamukti Yoga, a method founded on the belief that the path to enlightenment is through compassion for all beings. Immediately mesmerized by and awakened to the possibility of Yoga, the experience of oneness, Jenna jumped at the opportunity to attend… More details

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Marley is our studio dog. This four-legged, furry yogi can be seen doing upward and downward dog at all hours of the day! She is a hypoallergenic labradoodle that is always up for a quick squeeze or a good cuddle.