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Our VIP Partners

Become a VIP at Modo Yoga Seattle and you get perks and discounts at the studio and all of our community partners. The businesses that we collaborate with are aligned with our seven foundational pillars and have a passion for community. If you have a business that you would like to see use partner with send us an email or drop by the studio. For more information about the local businesses that we have partnered up with check out our VIP membership & community partners page.

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Green Energy

Goal $2,500

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Charity Support

Goal $2,500

One of our favorite pillars is Reach Out! MYS is passionate about supporting our local community. We do this through our Friday night Karma classes for a $5 donation.

Looking back at 2016, we raised $4,443 for charity. From the environment to social services, we have worked with local, national, and international charities creating awareness in addition to the funds raised.

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Grow Your Yoga
03/01/2017 — 04/30/2017

Grow Your Yoga 2017 is about using yoga to create positive change in the world. This year, all Modo Yoga studios will support 1 of 3 organizations that work to Protect Our Water. Modo Yoga Seattle will be supporting Lead by co-founder Bill McKibben, works to fundraise, educate and create legislation to benefit human rights.

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